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Global Health Leader One Health in Action: Solving Complex Problems through Collaboration

INDOHUN’s premier education and training program for students focuses on solving complex problems using the One Health collaborative approach.

Global Health Leader One Health in Action (GHL: OHIA) was successfully conducted on September 02–06, 2018 in Bandung, West Java. The training consisted of three main activities, including lectures on the first two days, an environmental assessment the next day, and simulations and exercises for the last two days.

Thus, this training has its own framework used for the training. It starts by realizing the global problem in the health context and major issues. This year, an issue that was brought up was environmental health, which included a restoration of Citarum River — the largest and longest river in West Java. Participants were expected to identify and define their role in this case. After that, they were given the tools that can help them solve the problem. Finally, they learned how to make it real by developing a plan of action. From all of this, behavior changes or development are needed to achieve it.

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