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CAMBOHUN team come from different universities across Cambodia has developed the small project under title "Rabies: Inclusive awareness training base among communities in Cambodia". This project will start in early October 2020 and will be finished in late March 2021. The main objective of this project is to promote of Rabies awareness in order to prevent its spread among the rural communities in Cambodia with specific objectives; to provide practical recommendations of Rabies for improving knowledge and practices among communities (including health volunteers and village animal health workers). The project will address and develop suitable Rabies training materials which consist of training modules, posters, video, and role pl

ay and provide the training among the communities in Kandal province. Pre-and post-training survey will be used to evaluate the knowledge gained specifically on sources of infection, mode of transmission, measures to be taken after exposure, and prevent of Rabies on communities after the training. The total budget of this project is about 8000$. For more information please contact Mr. Bunna CHEA, project manager, faculty of veterinary medicine, Royal University of Agriculture, Phnom Penh, Cambodia via Email: and Tel: (855)69 921 662.


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